2016 Las Brisas Chardonnay

     There are many ways to achieve complexity in Chardonnay: blending fruit from different vineyards; putting the wine through a secondary, malolactic fermentation (which converts malic to lactic acid, promoting a creamy texture and buttery aromas/flavors); aging the wine on its yeast lees, which results in a richer mouthful andenticing baked bread aromas; and maturing the wine in barrels.  Depending on the barrel type and toast level can impart aromas and flavors ranging from vanilla and clove to toast and caramel.

     Another important agent of complexity in Chardonnays  are clones; a particular variation or mutation of the variety that can affect everything from ripening patterns and berry size to fruit character and age-ability. We’re fortunate at Evan’s Ranch to have numerous clones of Chardonnay planted on the ranch and thus is most affected by breezes blowing in off the Pacific Ocean just 10 miles away. Most of our Chardonnay clones are French selections bred at the University of Dijon, and they have a track record of producing superior Chardonnays in California and Oregon. Our 2016 Las BrisasChardonnay is a blend of four different clones.  These grapes were harvested at optimum maturity with exceptionally bright, rich flavors and vibrant acidity.  Thus, producing a Chardonnay with deeply concentrated flavors, a creamy texture and refreshing acidity.  

     Because Las BrisasChardonnay is made from the same vines every year, its characteristics change little from vintage to vintage, although the 2016, reflecting a splendid vintage, delivers a deeper, more concentrated fruit character compared to the previous few vintages. Its wonderfully fresh, fragrant aromas of orange blossom, honeyed yellow apple, white peach, mango, spiced pear and lime introduce a lush, full-bodied palate bursting with  mouth-filling peach, nectarine, pineapple, lemon curd and mineral flavors that linger throughout a long, flavorful finish.  Delightful now, our 2016 Las BrisasChardonnay will continue evolving over the next 2-3 years.


Dan Gainey


Wine Details


100% Evan's Ranch Chardonnay:

  • 29% Clone 96
  • 29% Clone 548
  • 29% Clone Hyde
  • 13% Clone Mt. Eden

Harvest Dates:
September 12th - October 1st, 2016

Barrel Aging:
9 months in 12% new oak

30% Tank Fermented 70% Barrel Fermented

July 18th, 2017


0.72 g/100 ml